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Alex and Jordan's Wedding

The process of wedding planning is overwhelming. And couples often struggle with finding and choosing the band to play for their big day—undoubtedly, they want nothing but the best band. And for that very reason, when I first heard from Alex about their wedding I felt beyond excited to be a part of it.

Alex and Jordan made the most brilliant couple. And their wedding was nothing short of absolutely fantastic. Their first dance being the highlight of the ceremony was made even more special by the tune of Diana Panton's A Little Moon which they personally chose and had me sing it for them. It was indeed a great pleasure and honour to share our music with such wonderful people.

They tied the knot at the breathtakingly beautiful Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek. The place is simply amazing and Joseph and the team did a splendid job in making sure that everyone (including us musicians!) were VERY well taken care of. I highly recommend Edgewater Manor to any couple or business looking to host a function.

Having performed for Alex and Jordan's wedding was one of the more nerve wracking experiences given our personal connection, plus the fact that my very talented musical theatre mentors, Gemma & Amanda Zamprogna of Theatre Aquarius and The Dance Centre were in attendance. A thrilling moment was watching them get down on the dance floor after not seeing them in nearly 15 years. It was very cool to get to do my thing for them.

Big love to Alex & Jordan - we wish you all the very best in your future adventures together!

Photo credits to the talented Kamila Kuzmicka of Zekar Photography.

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